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5 Effective Tips on How to Meet Women and Make Them Like You

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Say goodbye to awkward stares and bland conversations. Know how to meet women online.
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No one can deny that dating is a unique experience that comes not only with the fun times but also with the not-so-fun ones. Usually, the first set of hurdles, especially for men, is meeting women, before even establishing how she will like him. This case gets harder when a man only has the how-to in his repertoire from meeting women online, and zero experience in the traditional way of directly communicating with them.

If you are planning to try your luck in love without the use of today’s dating apps and websites, then this dating advice is your best guide! Below, we have listed the things you must take note of when meeting women. Follow them, and we are confident that a romantic relationship will soon blossom for you.

Consent is the key.

Just as in any situation, and with anybody, asking for a woman’s permission, with regards to anything that affects her, is but the basic. This is a good thing to show early on, even before starting any romantic relationship.

She would appreciate it if you asked for her confirmation before you sit beside her or offer her a drink. And if ever she says no, respect that and move along. Don’t bother asking again or egging her again. If she says yes, then on to chatting with you.

Approach only those who are open to being approached.

There are ways to know if a certain woman is interested in going out with other people, let alone talking to anyone.

If she’s with a group looking as if they are discussing something serious or something they don’t want others to hear, then it’s better to stay away. If she’s in the zone while reading mounts of texts and her open laptop on the table, you shouldn’t instigate a conversation. If she’s in the bar with nothing but a drink in hand and eyes scanning the floor, then maybe you can take the shot.

The key is to differentiate flirtatious actions and using better judgement.

Look out for subtle body cues.

She may have said yes to chatting and a few drinks, but that doesn’t mean that she’s ready to go through everything you suggest or never change her mind the whole time you’re together. Check her body language if she’s still comfortable with you or not.

Remember that consent only works if it’s given verbally and freely. Once you realize that she’s not as interested as you are, respectfully make an exit — for her and your own sake.

Be straight to the point.

There’s no need for you to make excuses or come up with sappy lines just to approach a woman. Introduce yourself and say why you’ve wanted to chat with her. It’s better to be direct and not try games with a woman you want to wow.

And if she ever says no, then, at least, you didn’t do anything silly as cracking not well-received jokes.

Dress well.

This may seem like a given, but it still bears repeating. You don’t have to don a suit every time you go out but make sure to at least look presentable. We aren’t saying women only look at the physical features, but people are more likely to talk with someone who looks put together than those who aren’t. Give your appearance a once over and decide if it fits the occasion.

They say going out is already half the battle, and it’s true! Once you’ve committed to meeting women, you will learn through every encounter the yes and nos for this kind of situation. It won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible either. Be respectful, keep your cool and keep at it.

If you’re still looking for more relationship and dating advice, or even for a fun, safe place to meet women, simply sign up here. We’re ready to guide you on your love journey!

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