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Is This True Love? | Signs Your Romantic Relationship Is The Real Deal

Two people in a romantic relationship driving a car.
You might think having a romantic relationship is electric, but the reality is that it's calmness.
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Finding someone whom you can fall in love with is not as hard as people make it seem. After all, we come across hundreds of different types of people every day. Some of whom may fit the mold of your ideal partner. But finding someone you see yourself spending the rest of your life with is an entirely different ball game - a trickier one at that.

As you’d expect, there’s a host of different variables at play when looking for someone you’d want to settle down with.

So how exactly will you know if your current romantic relationship is one for the long haul? In this guide, we’ll break down 7 signs that are indicative of the kind of relationship that is bound to last a lifetime. At the end of this article, count how many points you have ticked off and contemplate if your current romance is the real deal or not.

  1. Being with your partner makes you want to be a better person. You are inspired by her to push for good change without the guilt trip. This can be through a lifestyle change or by committing to a good habit. After all, true love should allow and encourage you to expand rather than shrink.
  2. You’d rather be with her through bad times than be comfortable on your own. Even if bad times happen outside your relationship — maybe with her family, work or friends — you do not shy away from sharing the burden and the pain with her. And you know that she would do the same for you.
  3. You can be your most authentic self around her<. There is no pressure to be someone else or act according to what you think is acceptable for her own circle. You can say and do what you like, knowing full well that they accept and understand you.
  4. One of the keys to a successful relationship is the freedom to feel comfortable in your own skin without fear of judgment from the other person involved.

  5. Your love makes you feel more confident and secure. It’s a relationship that is worth staying for if you never feel insecure and nervous. You know you can trust her even if you’re far apart. No sweating on the small stuff because you know you are enough for her.
  6. You are not afraid to be vulnerable. Being in love puts you in a situation where you must open your heart to the possibility of a heartbreak, but still, have to trust that your partner won’t exploit your vulnerability. You know she’s the one if you can lay it all on the line knowing that she will never take advantage of you and your emotions.
  7. Even at any stage of the romantic relationship, you don’t experience a change in the level of affection that you feel towards your partner. True love is not fleeting, but goes on and on and only grows over time. That is not to say that you gloss over their flaws — but you take it as part of being with her long-term.
  8. Your love is true when even heated arguments do not end the relationship. Issues and disagreements are normal for any couple; these challenges can even help you in making your love stronger. When there is trust and effort in a relationship, a silly disagreement can easily be resolved.

At the end of it all, you can just ask yourself this one simple question: are you happy?

In your quest to find your soulmate, it is important that you assess your current relationship. Is it bringing you joy, growth, and contentment or dread and a state of decline in your career as well as your emotional, mental and physical well-being? Whatever your answer to that question should be the basis of your decision on whether to keep at it or maybe start looking for love elsewhere.

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