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Online Dating Tips | 8 Important Things to Remember When Dating Online

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Keep yourself up to date with the dos and don’ts in online dating.

In this digital age, you can easily find solutions to everything after a few clicks. Want to study from home? Finish a degree from open universities. Looking for a few bucks after your regular work? Be a virtual employee through various websites. Looking for love? Try joining dating sites for singles to find the right match for you.

While everything else comes easy for most, the dos and don'ts of online dating can still be an unsure territory to waddle in. But, why must looking for love be made hard, right?

In this list, we present the important things you must follow when first venturing into the online dating world. Read on and learn how you can leave the best impression on the woman you are wooing.

Look presentable.

The mood of the date will first depend on how each of you receives one another. If she took the time to look her absolute best and you aren’t dressed to the nines, it might lead her to think that you’re not taking your date as seriously as she does.

Remember that first impressions do matter.

Learn how to ask interesting questions.

You can’t expect her to lead most of the conversation only because she’s a woman. Stop playing into biases, and start working into being interesting.

Prepare topics that will allow you to get to know each other without getting too personal or intrusive. Knowing how to ask the right questions is a great skill to have. One that will certainly pay dividends when trying to get to know a girl.

Be aware of your body language.

impressing your date, your non-verbal cues are just as important. It’s important that your actions and body language align with your words. Otherwise, you’ll just come across as disingenuous and insincere.

It’s important that you’re conscious of how you portray yourself — the way you slouch, the way you lean in when she says something or the way your eyes divert to any other stimulus in the area.

Keep an open mind.

You want her to be comfortable with opening up to you so learn when to hold your thoughts when she mentions something you don’t really agree on. And for most online dates, one party comes from a different culture, thus, respect is a major defining factor for them. This type of difference, however, doesn’t automatically mean that you aren’t meant to be.

Be yourself.

This may be the most obvious dating tip, but it bears repeating. Being fake for the sake of being agreeable is a bad foot to start in a relationship. Don’t put up a facade just to impress her. If it’s true love you’re searching for, you’d want her to wholeheartedly accept you for who you really are - and yes, that includes all your imperfections and flaws.

Make no mention of exes or previous relationships.

Regardless of how great your previous relationships are, you should not mention them during your date unless you’re asked to. It will only make her feel like you’re not over your ex yet and are just looking for a rebound.

It’s also important not to ask her about her exes either. You might inadvertently dig up some bad and traumatic memories that she’s trying to move on from.

Take it slow.

Keep it light and don’t be a burden on her head. You don’t need to plan for the wedding yet. Start with being good friends — not even close confidants. However, make sure to let her know your intention with this date and with the relationship.

Follow up.

Nobody likes the anxiety that comes with waiting. So if you like her and would love to continue meeting up with her, let her know. But if you feel like you don’t click, at least have the decency to tell her instead of “ghosting” her. She deserves respect for her time, at the very least.

Utilize the power of advanced technology and don’t be afraid to venture into things that will make you happy. Isn’t it the essence of technology, to make life easier for people? If love can also be reaped from this, then what’s stopping you?

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