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Dating Tips | First Date Pitfalls You Should Watch Out For

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Take these dating tips to heart as you meet your Latina match.

Imagine this: You are on the way to your first date with the girl of your dreams. Your nerves keep you on high alert, but you still have that confidence on lock. You review all the proper date to-dos from the various dating tips you’ve memorized. And you believe these will help you end the date with her sweet yes to a second one.

Only it doesn’t. You’ve done something that turned her mood sour and the night ends way too early than anyone would have desired.

So, where did you go wrong? What was missing in your supposedly fail-proof technique?

Fret no more! Just keep your eyes here and we’ll show you the possible pitfalls you must have tripped over on your first date.

  1. Bringing up your past relationship/s. What a bad taste in picking conversation starters. Since you obviously want to build a connection with your date, it is only smart to not mix relationship/s you had with the one you wish to have.
  2. People don’t usually prefer to hear about their significant other’s past even after years of solid relationship, what more on the first date?

    Since you are looking for love, maybe center the talk around the things you both have a passion for or anything you have in common? Not only will it keep you away from the awkward moment, but you are also slowly getting to know each other this way.

  3. Sharing your personal issues. First dates are supposed to be a balanced mix of being comfortable and light, while leaving her wanting to know more about you. But if you spill all your dirty linens at this moment, you are doing three things a date wouldn’t appreciate: 1) dumping emotional baggage on a stranger, 2) turning the whole time together uncomfortable, and 3) looking less attractive with the stress and drama.
  4. If you can’t follow the fine line between being transparent and oversharing, it’s better to end the night early and get a ride home. Being attuned to yourself may be even more helpful for you.

  5. Drinking too much. No one wants to spend a lovely evening chaperoning an adult who can’t hold themselves up. While alcohol is a good social lubricant, be sure to know your limits.
  6. We are not saying you should not drink at all on your date! Drink, but only if you're sure you won’t end up rowdy, disrespectful or causing fights. If you are acting this way in the beginning, what’s stopping your date from thinking that a future serious relationship will also look like this?

  7. Using your phone too much. Everyone’s connected through smartphones nowadays, we admit. But that shouldn’t be your excuse to always pull out your phone while still sitting in front of your date.
  8. While she will understand if it’s for emergencies, you should also be conscious of the subtle cues you’re sending her. She might think that she isn’t enough to hold your attention or that you’re eager to end the date already. It’s but a few hours to savor your time with her.

    Also, don’t interrupt her meal just to take photos of the food. You’re better than that.

  9. Stepping into her personal space. It’s just the first date. Coming on too strong is a turnoff for many women. So don’t even try to initiate anything physical if she isn’t up for it.
  10. And how do you know if she wants it? Simple! Ask her. It’s her body and space, and making her comfortable with you is a goal you should always aim for. Also, showing her that you are someone who looks for consent throughout this relationship, will make her fall for you even more.

    A win-win situation, right?

Things that go wrong on a date are usually those that a person can control. So, to have a better outcome next time around, keep this list in mind and your cool about you.

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