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Dating Colombian Women in Style : How to Dress in Colombia

Colombian woman enjoying her drink
Colombian women are just as stylish as most international ladies.

As the fashion industry continues to grow each day, there is no doubt that new fashion trends are evolving. However, this time, it does not only evolve in fashion capitals like Paris, New York, Milan, and London. Latin American countries have also made extensive contributions to the fashion industry, particularly Colombia.

Medellin, the largest city in Colombia, is now considered the fashion capital of the country. Not only is it home to thousands of jaw-dropping travel destinations and beautiful cultures, but it is also the home of aspiring fashion designers and people with high quality fashion sense, like Colombian women.

Dressing up will not only help you attract Colombian girls, but it will also help boost your confidence and self-esteem, which most women would want for their partners. This will make you look smart, presentable, and it will give you positive influences in terms of how well you think of yourself.

So if you're traveling to various cities in Colombia to meet beautiful women, you should know that fashion is a big deal for them. Thus, you should know what to bring.

For women, dressing up is not difficult since they have a high sense of fashion. However, for men, this can be quite hard. If proper dressing will lead you to find confident, culture-sensitive, and beautiful women like Colombian girls, then you can simply start with the basics.

The clothing style in Colombia varies from city to city and its weather. It is essential to research first about the weather forecast. Nonetheless, here are some style tips that you should take note of when it comes to dressing up in Colombia:

  1. Pack occasionally.
  2. Before you travel to Colombia, you have to know your purpose first. That way, you will have an idea of what to bring.

    If you’re going to attend a wedding or business meeting, then you should bring formal suits; for the beach, a pair of sunglasses and tropical shorts; for casual occasions, a pair of fitted jeans and a shirt; for cold weather, sweatshirts and jackets; and for exploring or going on adventures, comfortable clothes and shoes.

    Couple walking down the street
    High-quality and weather-friendly clothes are a must for better first impressions.

    You wouldn’t want to attend events overdressed or underdressed. Most importantly, you wouldn’t want to be a big turn-off to Colombian women, especially if you want to impress them.

  3. Know where to go.
  4. Aside from knowing what event to attend, you also need to know what city to visit. The country has four major cities with thousands of travel destinations — Cartagena, Bogota, Cali, and Medellin. These cities have different weather forecasts, so you can’t wear the same clothes while traveling from one city to another.

    If you’re traveling to the tropical city of Cartagena to meet Colombian women, make sure to pack the appropriate clothes. Think of clothes that are relaxing, more on the color white, and are light on the skin. Pack some white shirts, a pair of lightweight shorts, and a pair of sunglasses.

    Meanwhile, in Bogota, which is colder, like New York City, people mostly wear more sophisticated and formal clothing. Think of scarves, jackets, sweatshirts, coats, jeans, and dark-colored clothes.

    In Cali, the brighter the clothes you wear, the better. It is a must to wear colorful jeans, shirts, and comfortable shoes, especially if you end up dancing salsa with your Colombian lady.

    Medellin, on the other hand, tends to have different types of weather. The city is hot during the day and cold during the night, so pack two different sets of clothing. But since the city is the fashion capital of the country, Colombians do not only dress for the weather, but also according to trends.

  5. Shoes for show.
  6. Well, you can’t just wear appropriate clothes for occasions and events without wearing proper shoes to pair them with, right? If you’re going to visit hiking spots in Colombia with your Latina, you will need to wear a pair of lightweight running shoes.

    If you’re going to visit the beaches in Colombia, you should bring water shoes. Aside from them being safe to wear under the sea, they are also comfortable to wear when engaging in various water sports, such as canyoneering, rafting, etc.

    A pair of leather sneakers
    Bringing comfortable footwear is one of the many style tips that can’t be overstated.

    A pair of comfortable and fashion-friendly boots or sneakers can be great for simply walking around anywhere in Colombia. Nonetheless, make sure that the shoes you wear will complement your clothes and the event you’re attending.

  7. Avoid mixing neutrals.
  8. If you want to impress Latina women with your clothing style, you need to understand that mixing colors is not a good idea. Women in Colombia are always in trend when it comes to fashion, so as much as possible, do not give them the impression that you don’t have any idea what fashion style is.

    If you’re wearing a pair of black jeans, you should also pair it with a black belt. The same goes for other neutral colors. Know that you should step up your game if you want to be in style with Colombian women.

    If you’re packing for a trip to Colombia and planning to only bring black or gray jeans, then your belts should also be of the same color. Bear in mind not to mix neutral colors.

  9. Try to blend in.
  10. When you travel to Colombia to meet the family of your potential Colombian bride, you need to blend in as much as possible. You need to know their culture, traditions, celebrations, practices, as well as the way they dress up.

    In every corner of the country, Colombians have different ways of dressing themselves. Thus, you should know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to their clothing styles.

    If you travel to Bogota, avoid wearing shorts, sandals, and other tropical accessories since it’s not a tropical city. Steer clear of wearing too many accessories to avoid unnecessary attention from the locals. In Bogota, simplicity is better.

    When you’re in Medellin, avoid overdressing at night. It can be tempting to wear clothes that will catch the attention of Colombian ladies, but nights out in this city are mostly about being vibrant, fun, and carefree.

    Since Cartagena is a tropical city, it is only right to avoid wearing multiple layers of clothing. Only wear those that are comfortable for you and will lessen your sweating. If you don’t want locals staring at you while wandering the city, then you should dress accordingly.

Always Leave a Good Impression

Following the aforementioned tips, you should be able to get the attention of the Colombian woman you like and blend in with one of the fashion capital countries in the world. You can also follow your own fashion tips or ask your friends who have traveled to Colombia for some fashion advice. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it is always important to leave a good impression in the Colombian dating scene to secure more dates with your romantic interest.

How to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you? Simple, dress accordingly! Dating a Latina can be challenging, but if you have simple tricks up your sleeves to make these ladies want you, then you’re good to go.

So what are you waiting for? Browse any of our Colombian dating sites and sign up for our travel tours to meet beautiful and confident Colombian women, and look forward to a hassle-free and worthy travel experience!

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