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Tips for Dating Younger Colombian Women

 Woman on a date
What are the ins and outs you should know about dating a younger woman in Colombia?

The thing about love is that it does not discriminate. The people who found love often do not get to choose who they fall for. It can happen to a Western man when he is with Colombian women and vice-versa.

But that lack of filtering can mean that love can happen to two people who may not be the most compatible couple at a glance. This can lead to many instances of a man dating a younger woman or the reverse happening. But a lot can happen on those totally free online dating sites.

But the thing about dating younger women is that because they are younger, they are going to be different from you. Their cultural influence will be different than your own and the circumstances in which they grew up will likely be different than what you grew up with.

Not to mention the fact that she probably grew up in Colombia means that the cultural background of a Colombian girl is going to be different than that of western values. But that is the thing about dating sites for singles—singles everywhere can find each other.

It should be noted that most relationships between a husband and wife usually have them within a year of each other and the majority of relationships wherein the husband is older usually have him within five years of his wife’s age.

So there are going to be a few bumps in the road when it comes to dating someone that is significantly younger than you. Not that it is unheard of for women to date men older than them. But there are going to be bumps in the road regardless of an age gap or lack thereof.

But the age is almost certainly going to be a factor in the relationship, especially if the gap is significant. Here are some of the hurdles you would have to overcome when dating a much younger Colombian woman:

  1. Be Ready for the Stigma
  2. There is no getting around it; if there is a couple wherein one is noticeably older than the other, there is going to be some stigma involved. If it is an older man with a younger woman, the perception is that he is her sugar daddy and is paying for her to have a lifestyle that she may not have been able to afford otherwise.

    A Colombian girl walking
    Going out with a younger Colombian girl may raise some eyebrows.

    On the flip side of that, the perception with the man is that he is paying for the woman’s lifestyle in exchange for getting to be with a beautiful woman who is much younger than him. Another bit of unfair stigma attached to couples with a big age gap is that the younger partner may have parental issues.

    There is no denying that the stigma attached to relationships with large gaps is unfair, there is also no denying that the reason that the perception exists is because the reality behind the stigma exists to some extent. There are relationships wherein the basis for the relationship is either economic or some kind of psychological issue.

    However, not every couple with a large age gap is rooted in an economic exchange or psychological scarring. Sometimes, people just fall in love and sometimes, online dating just works out for the best.

  3. Admittedly, Finances will Likely Not be Equal
  4. Even with couples wherein the motivations are not economical in nature, there is no denying that an older man who is with a younger woman is likely going to be more financially well-off. That’s because older men tend to have more stable jobs and have probably had time to build up their savings.

    Being older means having more time to be established in your career and hopefully being in a better financial position (though the financial position can vary based on the career). But it is likely that the older person will be in the better position financially. As such, if you want to date younger Colombian women, you may have to bear the lion’s share of the financial burden.

  5. Find Common Ground
  6. Now, the thing about culture is that pop culture is segmented by age. The things that are released by media companies are often targeted towards specific demographics and those demographics are segmented by age.

    Because of that, the music and movies that they like may be different than the ones that you enjoy. If the woman in question is a Colombian woman, then the differences in your cultural markers may be even more stark.

    But there are some ways to find common ground. Maybe introduce her to something you enjoy or try out something that she likes. That should not be too hard as most free online dating profiles will let their users say something about themselves.

  7. Manage Your Energy
  8. There is simply not getting around the effects of aging. As you get older, your body starts to not be the way it was in your prime. This can mean that you will not have the same energy levels that you did when you were younger.

    This of course can affect your dating life. It can be frustrating to want to do something with someone only for that person to be too tired to do the thing. Iit can be equally frustrating to want to be able to do something with someone only for your body to just be checked out.

    So it would help to be more active and eat a little healthier. Slight modifications to your diet and exercise routines can help to increase your level of energy, allowing you to better keep up with a younger partner.

  9. Enjoy the Ride
  10. Enjoy it. People are going to talk and maybe your physical conditioning can get in the way every now and then. But you should enjoy it and have your fun.

    Whether or not the relationship is going to last forever or be a fling that lasts a summer, go ahead and enjoy it.

Dating Colombian women who may be younger than you can present some challenges, but those challenges can be overcome. In order to meet those challenges, you should be prepared for them. So go ahead and prepare for those challenges and enjoy each other’s company along the way.

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