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How to Date Colombian Women as a Foreigner in Barranquilla

 Colombian woman looking at view
Luckily, knowing how to date Colombian women isn’t rocket science.

Want to know how to date Colombian women?

Although there is not that much difference in terms of what you should and shouldn’t do, there are certain things about Colombian culture that apply to their dating scene.

It’s as simple as knowing what these ladies seek in a man, as well as in a relationship. In the first place, you already have what it takes to get their attention being a foreign man yourself. Rarity attracts, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in any effort to stand out from the crowd.

Barranquilla is the fourth largest city where you can find lots of beautiful Colombian women, whose looks all vary from one another. Every man has his own preferences, so traveling to the city means getting the chance to meet the woman of your dreams.

As much as possible, try to make a good impression on your first few dates. As a foreigner in the city, you will need to know their cultures and traditions to avoid offending them in any way. With that, you’ll also have better chances at knowing how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you.

To get you started, here are some important things to take note of when it comes to dating the beautiful women of Barranquilla:

  1. Learn how to dance.
  2. Dancing has always been a favorite pastime among women in Colombia. Even the locals who don't love it as much are encouraged to learn the basics. Being a huge part of their culture, your Colombian sweetheart will definitely appreciate your interest in sharing this passion of theirs to dance.

    Never settle for taking her to a club or Salsa dancing class, step up your game by engaging in the activity yourself. She might not ask you to, but this is definitely crucial, especially if you really want to impress her. Chances are, she will admire you for going beyond your limits just so you can groove with her.

    Just so you know, you’re not supposed to learn traditional salsa and other Latin dances the way they do. It’s really all about the basics — knowing how to move your body to the rhythm of the drums.

    Colombian woman on a beach
    Make your move and take a Colombian woman out dancing.

    You also need to take note that Colombian girls love to dance so much that they can do so with anyone, anywhere. When this happens, make sure that your jealousies don’t start to spring up. If you don’t dance with her, she can choose to dance with anyone in the room, be it her relatives, siblings, friends, or basically any person who is present depending on the event and location.

    Aside from being your most confident self whenever you’re with a Colombian woman, showing interest in her love for dancing will never fail to impress her.

  3. Talk about things that matter.
  4. While dancing is one of their favorite passions in life, they also love having meaningful conversations, especially with people whom they care about. Knowing what questions to ask a Colombian girl is just as important as learning about their culture.

    Ask about her hobbies, interests, and ambitions, and feel free to share your insights about the things you’ve learned about their culture as well. The purpose of this is to get to know each other better.

    Women in Barranquilla are more than happy to talk about the city they grew up in, what their thoughts are on love and relationships, and what they like to do during their free time. This will also give you more ideas on how to be the kind of man they want to date.

  5. Avoid getting drunk.
  6. Many Colombians are heavy drinkers, and they are especially fans of aguardientes — alcoholic beverages that are made from sugarcane. If your Colombian date takes a shot, you will need to take one as well. However, as a foreigner, be mindful about how strong this drink is. Having one too many might lead to your downfall.

    It tastes very bitter, but the locals have gotten used to it. They also know better not to take more than three to four shots of this. They love drinking alcohol and having fun, but getting drunk is another story. That being said, be sure to behave yourself whenever alcohol is involved.

  7. Know that they like to be chased.
  8. Even men in Colombia find their fellow countrywomen hard to decipher. Once you meet them yourself, there are certain behaviors you might notice that distinguish them from other Latina women. For instance, they might kiss you on the first date, whether you’re at a party with lots of people around or at a nice restaurant having dinner, then go cold on you the next day. This is just their way of showing you that they want to be chased.

  9. You will be dating the family.
  10. One of the many things Colombian women are known for is being family oriented. Once you start dating one, there’s no telling when you might be introduced to her family. It could be spontaneous, so you might as well prepare for such an occasion anytime soon.

    The one major benefit you can get from this is you will be able to know exactly where you stand in terms of the relationship you have with her. The more you spend time and get to know her family, the better chances you’ll have at winning her heart.

It’s All About Timing

Dating Colombian women in Barranquilla is no different than when you’re dating women from your own locality. Men are expected to show their sincerity as it will determine if they are serious about their intentions. Even if you consider yourself well experienced, it never hurts to acquire more knowledge that will help you attract the attention of the woman you’re interested in.

The more you learn how to date Colombian women, the more prepared you’ll be when it actually happens. These ladies will certainly be surprised to see how much effort you put into dating them the right way. As a result, you will be making yourself an ideal partner they would want to be in a serious relationship with.

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