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Avoid Unrealistic Expectations | Online Dating in Colombia

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Some just have the wildest imaginations and, often, unrealistic expectations when dating in Colombia.

Thousands of single men entering into the dating realm may either be too cynical or idealistic toward their dates. Most of us are victims of believing romantic movies or fairy tales with happy endings as if they happen in real life. Because of this, whether offline or online, you may find yourself judging your date instead of enjoying the experience. When dating in Colombia, this is one dating mistake you need to avoid.

While it’s good that you have standards for a partner, unrealistic expectations will drag your dating life down. No matter how you think a Colombian dating agency can help you find the right woman, you’re actually ruining your chances if you set the bar too high— that is if the intensity of your perfectionism has come to a point where your ideals prevail more than knowing both your date’s strengths and weaknesses.

Online dating has been so rampant in Colombia (and all over the world) that it’s become a trend to scour the web thinking that you actually have thousands of choices. Because of that way of thinking, online daters would then think they can be picky.

While that’s true to some extent, you need to know that not all women who sign up on dating sites remain active online. That cuts down your options by a significant margin. With that said, it’s better to be open-minded with women you get in contact with.

Here are some signs you are setting your standards either too high for your new date or to the online dating platform overall:

That your perfect match will just come your way

Do you think Miss Right will just come your way and send you a private message? Sure you uploaded cool and handsome photos of yourself and filled out the profile sections with words just enough to make you sound alluring but not trying too hard. So now, all you’re going to do is play the waiting game and see who’s going to follow after your trail and find you.

While that may work for other dating sites, that may not work for when you’re dating a Colombian online. Among all the other thousands of men and women online daters actively seeking for high-caliber potential partners, you limit your chances when you opt to date only the women who reach to you.

If you want to find the right woman, you have to get out there and search for people with the same criterias as you. After all, you never know who’s going to pick up on all the personal details you laid out.

You now expect your date’s life to revolve around you

If you’ve reached the stage that you’re maintaining online communication, then just like relationships formed in real life, there is something you need to know: It’s unfair for you to assume that she’s losing interest just because your online date doesn’t reply within the day. Whether you’re dating a Colombian woman in America or in Colombia, it’s not fair to expect her to drop everything just for you.

Maintaining various priorities and interests is an indication that your relationship is healthy and well-balanced. It’s definitely an unfair and unrealistic expectation for you to think that your new lover will be there for you all the time, no matter if it’s offline or online. Her freetime doesn’t have to revolve around you. With the right level of independence, your relationship is going to last longer.

A social media profile.
Not sure if she is who she claims to be? Don’t worry, you’re not being dramatic; most online daters do that.

That she looks good as the ones in her profile

Say you’ve found your ideal someone after looking at her profile pictures. But what you don’t know is that most online daters photoshop their profile photos (unless you signed up for a legitimate dating site). Overall, if you take these profile pictures at face value, then you’re sure to be frustrated if the person you meet looks so different than who they portray themselves online.

Also, if this is what you’re basing on when dating, you’re fraught with future disappointments considering looks fade. If you want a healthy relationship, then you need to remind yourself that physical attraction is the initial part of the dating process. Ultimately, the longevity of a relationship boils down to your compatibility, especially if her values are similar to yours.

Your fantasy is unreachable

Do you put your Colombian date up on a pedestal without even knowing? Alright she’s gorgeous and you’re lucky that she’s attracted to you and you have great chemistry; but be careful because you might end up loving just the idea of her and not the real her.

We all have fantasies, but if we let this prevail and become blind to your date’s imperfections, when the fog finally lifts then resentment is sure to follow. Just as it’s unfair to expect that she gives you all her time, it’s just as unfair that you resent her when you start seeing her flaws and hamartias.

This is one of the tips on dating a Colombian woman, or every other woman really, that you need to take note. Your Colombian girl may look close to being perfect but really, everyone’s got their own weaknesses as much as they have strengths.

Subjecting them to stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes regarding Colombian men and women posted on the internet. While most of them are true, not all of them apply to every Colombian woman.

One of the most enduring is Latin standard time (LST), which paints most Latinos (including Colombian women) as latecomers or flaky. The truth is not all of them are tardy nor do they adhere to LST.

Another myth is that Colombianas are natural dancers. While it’s true that Colombians love to dance (and that they can dance gorgeously even with just a beat of spoons), there’s always a possibility that your Colombian date isn’t actually really fond of it.

There’s even a chance that not all of them speak Spanish nor understand a little English. The point is you should take these stereotypes with a grain of salt and just get to know her for who she really is.

These are just some of the things you need to take note of when dating in Colombia offline or online. The point is just keep an open mind and set realistic expectations while dating.

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