Why Visit Barranquilla Colombia?

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Being in between the great cities of the county, Santa Marta and Cartagena, Barranquilla, Colombia often gets unnoticed and overlooked by tourists. Who would have thought that there is so much to love within the borders of the Golden Gate of Colombia? This city will surprise you of the beauty and of its sights and sounds.

Because of its location in northern Colombia, as well as the location for the country’s principal maritime port, Barranquilla has been given the title of La Puerta de Oro de Colombia (The Golden Gate of Colombia). Truly, this city is a treasure to the country and not just because it is where you can see the amazing sight of nature, --- the Rio Magdalena emptying itself in the Caribbean Sea --- but also because it offers more than just sights to see. Barranquilla gives its tourists reasons to fall in love with it and to come back. Here are a few of these treasures that could make you fall in love with Barranquilla.

Admirable People

What they lack for tourist destinations and natural wonders, they make up for the many endearing and admirable qualities of their people. People living in Colombia and particularly in Barranquilla are warm-hearted individuals. They will instantly make any visitor feel comfortable. Other than this, they are also fun-loving people. This comes as no surprise for the Barranquilla nightlife has been famous to last all night long. If you are a party person, then you will definitely fall in love with the city.

Additionally, they are also passionate and faithful. They define love in whole different level. They do not just love, they love unconditionally. In fact, men from all over the world seek after Barranquilla women as their wives. They do not just have the looks but also the qualities of a wife material. Who knows, the one for you may just be one of these gorgeous ladies?

Thrills and Spills

Want to step up your day dating game? Barranquilla is definitely the place to go. In Barranquilla, you will have a higher chance of landing a date with a lady if you go up to them in coffee shops, malls, parks, even by the street during the day. You will definitely have to muster up your courage, instead of looking for it at the bottom of a bottle in bars. The nightlife in Barranquilla is mostly about dancing with friends, while the day dating game is as active as they come.

Vibrant Culture

Among everything that Barranquilla has to offer, the most colorful and interesting one is their culture. The city has become a melting point of culture because of its location. It is a mixture of the Colombia culture and the Caribbean culture making the city alive and vibrant. This is greatly evident in its most prominent carnival, the Barranquilla Carnival. It is the second biggest carnival in all of Latin America next to Rio de Janeiro. During these times, the city explodes into different colors. You will get to party anywhere and everywhere in the streets. You will definitely never experience a street party like that of Barranquilla carnival street parties.

True enough, Barranquilla is not the most aesthetic place you could ever visit in the country of Colombia but it has its own beauty. It has treasures that are incomparable to any place. It will definitely make you fall in love and find love within its city borders. Come to think of it, you may also be able to find the love of your life in the Golden Gate of Colombia while the city makes you fall in love with itself.

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