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Barranquilla Tourism | Things to Do in Barranquilla Colombia

A beach in Barranquilla Colombia
Whatever you want, whatever you need, there’s always something for you in Barranquilla Colombia.

Flanked by more highly advertised cities - Cartagena to the south and Santa Marta to the north - the city of Barranquilla Colombia, sadly often gets overlooked by tourists. However, this bustling seaport city has something fun, exciting and colorful to offer to its visitors that its more touristy neighbors can’t.

Unknown to a lot of tourists, there are a plethora of beautiful sights to see and exciting things to do in Barranquilla Colombia. The moment you set foot in the city, you’ll instantly be greeted with the genuine smile and warmth of its people. The city is imbued with Carribean culture, creating a set of interesting traditions that give Barranquilla a distinct character and allure.

We can go on and on with how beautiful and exciting Colombia’s fourth largest city is, but in order for you to fully appreciate it, you’ll have to see and experience it first hand. So let’s take a glimpse at the best things Barranquilla tourism has to offer, shall we?

Thrills and Spills

1. Bocas de Cenizas

If you’re up for some exercise, the rough terrain of Bocas de Cenizas will certainly give you a run for your money. This off-the-beaten-path adventure, although challenging, will reward you with picturesque views that look like something straight out of a postcard.

The marvelous sight of the Rio Magdalena emptying to the Caribbean Sea along with some beautiful landscape views and a glimpse of some of the city’s underdeveloped neighborhoods will make your hike worth it.

2. Beach hopping

In Barranquilla, there are tons of fun and heart-thumping activities to offer to anyone who enjoys the rush of adrenaline in their bodies. With its tropical climate all year round, it is not a surprise that the city is packed with beaches that are spots of the best surf breaks in Colombia. The great waves and warm water makes it great to get on your boards and ride the waves.

3. Party the night Away

For an industrial city, it’s hard to imagine the nightlife in Barranquilla would be any fun. But in actuality, wild and super fun parties are among the city’s strongest suits.

Barranquilla nightlife is indeed one of the city’s major tourism draws. It involves a lot of booze, late night parties, and a hell of a lot of dancing. So if this is your thing, you’ll certainly have a field day in Barranquilla.

Amazing Food

When it comes to food, Barranquilla tourism offers its guests a true taste of Latin American cuisine. It has food places ranging from budget-friendly food stalls to fancy high-end restaurants. You basically just have to take your pick depending on your budget. But you’ll still have your fill of authentic Latin American dishes either way.

Among the must-try dishes include cheese-filled arepas, empanadas, fried fish, coconut rice, sancocho, and ajiaco.

Colorful Culture

Another thing to look forward to in Barranquilla is its colorful culture. Due to its location, it is no surprise that the city has become a melting pot of different cultural influences.

The Barranquilla Carnival is a shred of great evidence on how the culture in this city makes it alive. The carnival celebration, for many years, has been a major part of Colombian traditions. In fact, it is one of the oldest and grandest festivals in Latin America.

Beautiful women

One of Barranquilla’s most treasured gems is the stunning women who reside in the city. You’d be hard pressed not to be in awe with how beautiful Barranquilla women are.

It’s a perfect place to meet single women who aren’t just jaw-droppingly beautiful on the outside but also within. Your Barranquilla trip will never be complete unless you take at least one Barranquilla single out on a date.

Barranquilla may not often be included in most of the travelers’ bucket list, but it is no doubt a place where you’ll likely have your most memorable Colombian experiences. From adventurous attractions to great food, amazing culture, and stunning ladies, it’s impossible to run out of things to do in Barranquilla Colombia.

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