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The Best Museums to Visit in Barranquilla

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Barranquilla may be known for the famous Barranquilla festival and as a party district, but there is so much more to this port city. The city reflects the rich history and culture of Colombia and the Caribbean.

Age-old structures and historic castles are scattered around this “Golden State.” Many may not be aware, but Barranquilla is also home to interesting museums. That said, there are many of the best museums to visit in Barranquilla

Here are five impressive museums worthy of a visit.

1. Museo Del Caribe

The Museo Del Caribe opened in 2009 and is Colombia’s first regional museum. Located in the Caribbean Cultural Park, the museum houses a large collection of pieces significant to the culture, society, economy, and even the political evolution of the Caribbean.

The museum highlights author and 1982 Nobel Peace Prize for Literature recipient Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

The museum also has a shop full of interesting souvenirs that tourists and museum-goers may check on.

2. Museo Mapuka

Museo Mapuka is technically a museum of the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla. However, it’s open to the public every weekday from 9 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1:30 pm.

This museum of archeology aims to recognize Colombian Caribbean identity. It features artifacts from Colombia's indigenous people. These archeological remains include pottery, jewelry, vessels, weapons, maps, religious symbols, and many other objects from the prehispanic era to the Spanish colonization.

To help museum-goers understand the Caribbean culture and Colombia’s rich history, they also show children-friendly short films.

3. Sala Del Carnaval Elsa Caridi

Barranquilla is most famous for its carnival held every February. It’s no wonder a whole museum is dedicated to showcasing costumes, props, masks, and anything related to Barranquilla Carnival.

Sala Del Carnaval Elsa Caridi may not be as big and grand as other museums, but it is interactive and serves its purpose well. Visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the carnival and its importance to the country’s rich culture.

Aside from carnival memorabilia, there’s also a collection of photographs and moving pictures to give visitors a glimpse of the rich cultural celebration. Entrance is free for this museum.

4. Museo del Carnaval de Barranquilla

Located in the heart of Barranquilla, this is a much bigger and more modern museum dedicated to preserving the memorabilia of the world-famous Barranquilla Carnival.

Its architecture and design very well reflect the fun, lively, and colorful carnival. Here lies not just photographs and memorabilia but colorful costumes of past carnival queens. The museum aims to relive the lively feel of the celebration to the museum-goers.

5. Centro Interactivo de Memoria Urbana

Presenting an educational yet entertaining experience is the Centro Interactivo de Memoria Urbana. This is a museum born out of the desire to narrate the history and development of Barranquilla as a city.

The museum covers everything — from the myths about the origin of the city, famous landmarks, and transportation system development, to the present developments of the city.

Simply put, this museum aims to tell a detailed past and present of Barranquilla.

Compared to other Colombian cities, Barranquilla falls underrated. The city’s culture and history are rich beyond its famously known carnival, and they have successfully narrated this in their display of the best museums in the land.

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