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Travel Tips On How to Enjoy Carnaval de Barranquilla

A festival in Barranquilla Colombia
Celebrate like the locals as you enjoy your first carnival experience in Barranquilla Colombia.

Colombia culture is a hodgepodge of several ethnic and foreign influences that are mostly rooted in the Spanish colonization during the 16th century. It is similar to a lot of other Latin American countries, but with a few special elements making it distinctive and unique. The country’s joyous and colorful cultural heritage can be seen in its festivities and carnivals that take place throughout the year, one of which is the Carnaval de Barranquilla.

Carnival celebrations are the bedrocks of Latin American countries. It has been a way for Latin people to express their culture. Although most of them are quite similar to one another, there are still certain quirks that make each festival unique.

Carnaval de Barranquilla is the second biggest festival in the world. Even as early as pre-Carnival season, the streets of Barranquilla Colombia is already full of life and energy. People dress up in carnival costumes and there are cultural shows and events that take place around the city. But the biggest, wildest and most fun Barranquilla experience is when the Carnival actually starts.

To get you through the Carnival days, here are a few travel tips that will help you make the most of your experience:

Book Accommodations As Early As Possible

Being the second biggest festival in the world, next to the Rio Carnival in Brazil, Carnaval de Barranquilla is always expected to draw thousands of tourists in. To avoid overpriced accommodations, or worse, sleeping on a bed of hay or on the streets, booking your accommodation as early as possible before the Carnival season starts is the best way to actually be comfortable in Barranquilla. Unless you know someone from the city, you will have a difficult time finding a place to stay in while the season is ongoing.

Dress Up like the Locals

If you want to really get into that Carnival spirit, dressing up like the locals will really get you immersed in the whole experience. You need not worry about finding a costume to wear and how much it costs. Costumes and accessories are really cheap at the many pop-up markets around the city, so there is no excuse of not dressing like a human fruitcake to enjoy the Barranquilla Colombia Carnival.

Attend The Parades and Party on The Streets

Barranquilla nightlife is no doubt a fun and vibrant scene, but wait until you get to party on the streets during the Carnival celebration. Street parties take place all across the city and are absolutely free! The parades, on the other hand, will cost you a few bucks. These parades happen every day during Carnival and are a sight worth watching.

Share and Drink Aguardiente with Locals

Making friends with the locals is the way to get a better experience during the Carnival and there is no faster way in doing so than drinking and sharing Colombia’s national drink, Aguardiente. You are allowed a chaser of water, but saying no is a big NO. Just remember to drink responsibly.


The most essential tip during your Barranquilla Carnival experience is actually to just have fun. Get in there! Go messy! Go crazy and just let all your worries slide. Get that ultimate Barranquilla cultural experience and make the most out of it. At the end of everything, you have an amazing story to tell and a priceless memory to keep.

Barranquilla may not have a lot of tourist destinations but it’s a city that surely knows how to have proper fun. It offers its tourists a cultural experience like no other.

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