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What Love Means to Colombian Women

A woman leaning over her man while he sits.
In Colombian culture, love is so prominent that you can see it even in the streets.
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Love is a multifaceted diamond that can’t be defined even in the simplest terms.

We each have our own opinions about what love is based on personal experience. The thing is, because of how different our experiences are, it’s almost impossible to relate to another person’s definition of love.

Love makes us feel happy, anxious, confused, and heartbroken. That’s one thing most of us have dealt with firsthand. But instead of turning our tails and running away from the inevitable chaos, we deliberately indulge in it.

There may be a lot of risks to take, but the rewards we receive are more than enough to compensate for it.

Romantic Love, Platonic Love, Familial Love and Self-Love — we’ve encountered them somehow, but we never really knew about it.

Loving comes as naturally as breathing air and we sometimes don’t even realize it. These emotions flow freely and we’ve learned to accept that it is what it is. There isn’t a clear reason for this. Science can break it down into hypotheses and theories, but it will never be able to explain how our feelings came about.

So why do we feel so at ease as we go into the unknown?

The journey of finding love is both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. Before we achieve happiness, we must go through heartbreak, trauma, sadness, and other forms of turmoil.

Anyone that has had the opportunity to meet Colombian women would most likely have felt this series of emotions on perhaps a heightened scale.

Colombian women, like anyone else, want to experience love in all forms. Let’s talk about these forms of love, shall we?

Familial Love

In Colombian culture, most households build a strong support system with their family. This way, they get to be able to live in each other’s presence without any animosity.

The characteristics of a Colombian woman are heavily influenced by how they were raised. From there, the desire to love begins to bud, and it fully blossoms once they mature. It is common for Colombians in their early twenties to get married

Oftentimes we are torn between deciding whether our family is the constitution of our happiness or the bane of our lives. Still, we can never bring ourselves to part with them. The same way goes with our family.

But family does not necessarily consist of only your blood relatives. Not everyone has a good relationship with their families and Colombians are no exception. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a family elsewhere.

You can build a family anywhere — even at work. Those who do not have a good relationship with their family often look for another place to belong.

The bonds we form with our families are irreplaceable.

A group of women spending their time together.
Are you Interested in meeting Colombian women? Who knows? Perhaps you'll find love.
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Platonic Love

Platonic love is perhaps the most common type of love we have for our close friends. You care about them just as much as they do about you. They may not always be here, but they are always there for you to help you.

After all, it is friendship that brings color to your otherwise mundane life.

Friendships are precious to the women of Colombia. They understand how important it is to keep a good social circle.

The support that they receive from their friends helps them deal with their problems and eases their mind into thinking more clearly. In the same way, they return the favor by providing them with unconditional love.

Because of how outgoing Colombian girls are, they can easily win over people. They can easily maneuver themselves in a conversation because of their strong social skills.

These women can get you to open up to them and trust them with your life. They are as passionate with their friendships as they are with their romantic relationships.

Self Love

Self-love is often misunderstood. It’s not about being vain or narcissistic, it’s about putting your needs first.

Your life becomes more complicated and hectic as you grow. You get so engrossed with the responsibilities that pile up that you no longer have time for yourself.

Your once vibrant life has been reduced to a systematic routine.

You become consumed with your work that you create a distance between you and your loved ones. In the process, you’ve also disregarded your own welfare.

You begin repairing your relationships with others — through self-love.

Love begins with yourself. It’s just as they say “You can’t love others if you can’t love yourself”. Being too reliant on others for affection wouldn’t be any good to either of you. If you don’t return the love they give you, then you’re essentially a parasite.

Self-care is a fundamental aspect of self-love. How you care about your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing reflects how you care for others. There are countless ways to take care of yourself such as to have some rest, eat properly, and invest in skincare.

It’s easier to make healthier choices when you are happy. This helps you have a more positive outlook on life.

Romantic Love

Romantic love is the kind most of us are used to hearing over our peers. With all the clichés you see in blockbuster screens, you might think that romantic love is overrated. That’s not something you can blame anyone for, right?

The media has strongly promoted this kind of love as the “ultimate kind of happiness.” While this is true in some cases, marriage is not the only form of happiness there is.

You may be unaware that the happy couple you see on your Instagram feed is experiencing trouble.

Love is a journey of perseverance, a journey shared with pleasure, comfort and hardship by many people. Trusting others with your whole being means a great deal — it takes a lot of courage to show your vulnerable side.

The girls in Columbia are aware of this risk, still they take their chances. You would not be able to get anywhere if you don’t take a leap of faith.

Loving Colombian Women

In finding a partner in Colombia, it helps to have a good social connection. Using online dating sites would make it much quicker for you to narrow down your list of potential partners.

So, if you’re looking to meet someone new, you might be interested in meeting a Colombian woman. Your ideal partner may just be in Colombia, but you never know until you give it a try.

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