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How to Tell If Dating Colombian Women Works For YOU

A man lovingly hugging a Colombian woman.
Dating a Colombian woman may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but is it yours?

Imagine you’re dating Colombian women. Not just a woman of Colombian descent who grew up abroad, but one who was born and raised there. Her norms and values will differ greatly from yours.

Say that this Colombian woman is also significantly younger than you. Not only do they not have the same life experience as you, they also have different cultural touchstones like music, television, and movies. Those differences are among the many problems marrying a Colombian woman a foreign man may face.

Cultural touchstones shape their personalities, including how they express love and how they expect love to be expressed. Therefore, you might find it hard to tell whether your long term relationship is working or not.

Sometimes, men who seek out women who are Colombian will turn to a Colombian dating agency and ask for women who are similar to them in terms of their careers or life experiences. Sometimes, that method works and online dating turns into something real. Other times, it doesn’t. Then there are times when it has the potential to be real.

There’s Trust

As a relationship progresses beyond simply chatting on online dating sites, trust becomes increasingly important. It does not just mean being able to do trust falls, but also being able to sit back and relax at home while your partner goes out with friends.

A person might get jealous in such a situation and start to imagine all kinds of scenarios in which their partner is out on the town and not faithful to them. Beautiful women tend to attract attention, but whether she reciprocates that attention or not is a different matter.

When you find yourself closer to the latter than the former, maybe your relationship isn’t working. It’s a good sign that you’ve found the right relationship if it’s the former.

Communication Is Open

Communication is another cornerstone of any relationship. An open relationship is characterized by the ability to speak frankly with your partner. And you don’t even have to talk about your days either. You may not be able to speak openly when you first meet Colombian women, but you’re going to have to learn how to do so with your partner.

Occasionally, people may feel unappreciated in their relationships. You will know you’re in a healthy relationship when you can voice these concerns without worrying your partner will find you annoying.

There Isn’t Any Competition

When someone is in a relationship with a partner who is experiencing the same stage of life as them, they may get competitive. It could be that their partner makes more money or rises faster in their career. This sense that they’re losing some imaginary competition can lead to resentment.

Even if your or your partner’s career isn’t going well, if you’re in the right relationship, you’re going to feel like you’re winning. You win when she wins. You lose when she loses. Because it’s a team effort.

There’s A General Consensus

A woman looking lovingly at a man.
Want to sustain a long term relationship? Love itself is not enough; you need mutual agreement.

There are some couples who can finish each other’s sentences because they’re just so in sync with each other. However, not every couple can reach that level of agreement.

However, that level of agreement isn’t what’s important in a relationship. What’s important is that a couple should have a general agreement about their shared future, such as if they’re going to get married and how many kids they’ll have.

You Actually Like Spending Time Together

There’s a joke concerning the term “ball and chain.” Often, wives are referred to as “balls and chains,” as if marriage were some type of a prison, a constant source of misery. However, there are couples for whom marriage is not a prison.

In a relationship that is characterized by quality time spent together not just as lovers but as friendly, trusting friends, you’re probably doing something right.

When You’re Allowed To Be Vulnerable

There’s an undercurrent of machismo in Colombian culture. It makes men who are dating Colombian women want to appear tough and strong.

But one of the biggest indicators of a good relationship is a feeling of being able to be vulnerable without feeling somehow emasculated.

If you are with someone with whom you feel you do not have to maintain a façade, then they are the right person for you.

When You’re A Team

Another sign that the woman you’re dating is right for you is when you both deal with problems together. It’s common for couples to blame each other for some problems and fling blame back and forth between them. However, some couples don’t argue over who or what caused the problem. The two just see the issue and then work together to fix it.

In case your relationship is more inclined to tackling problems together rather than playing the blame game, then it might be right for you.

You’re Happy

When you’re happy in a relationship, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or familial, it’s a sure sign that it’s going well. In case you feel dread at the thought of seeing the other person, then the relationship isn’t for you.

Keep seeing a person if the thought of seeing them again makes you smile. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, this can be doubly important since sometimes absence doesn’t create a better relationship.

It’s a very strong indicator that the relationship you’re in is right for you if you’re not miserable in it.

According to popular belief, the divorce rate in the United States is 50 percent. That’s not the case. With 7.6 divorces for every 1000 marriages, the divorce rate is pretty low. Many of these relationships end because something wasn’t right: the person wasn’t right, the timing wasn’t right, or a variety of other factors didn’t quite fit.

People didn’t see what was wrong in their relationship. It was unfortunate that some people ignored the red flags they should’ve seen. In their relationships, they didn’t know what was wrong because they didn’t know what was right.

Because they don’t know something’s right, they think something’s wrong. Maybe it has to do with culture or generational differences. People may miss the green flags in their relationship because they receive the wrong kind of advice from a friend.

Watch out for the positive aspects of a relationship so you will know if the relationship is worth continuing. Green flags are flying, both in how you feel and in her actions with you. All you have to do is learn to recognize them.

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