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Cultural Differences to Expect When Dating Colombian Women

Colombian women laughing.
Colombian women are like no other. Get to know their culture and learn what to expect when dating one.

If you’re a foreigner, dating Colombian women can be challenging.

Perhaps the biggest issue that you will need to address is dealing with cross cultural differences: It can be difficult to interact, let alone date someone who has a different language, religion, customs, and traditions from you. A culture clash is bound to happen.

In most cases among intercultural relationships, lack of knowledge and complete disregard of these cultural differences cause break-ups between couples.

As an illustration: Colombians and their concept on time. Punctuality is not a trait you would commonly find in most Colombians. To them, it’s normal to arrive late to appointments and dates. This can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you are not used to or aware of this widely-practiced custom.

What should you do? Well foremost, it’s never right to jump to a conclusion or form judgment before knowing the reason for an action. That’s why you should let the other person have a chance to explain, clear the air. Then work together with a solution or compromise. Wouldn’t it be better if we do our best in understanding each other and build solutions together rather than making warped judgments?

Once you understand it’s an attribute of their culture and upbringing, it’s easier to accept and worry less about it.

Besides their sense of time, we’ve listed down other potential cultural issues you might face when dating a Colombian woman.

Below are some cultural differences that may pose a problem in making your relationships with Colombian women successful.

The Good and the Bad of Dating a Colombian Woman

Before we get started, keep in mind that the majority included in this enumeration are mere generalizations. It’s up to you whether you take the following experiences and characteristics of a Colombian woman in a positive or negative light. Regardless, expect to face and deal with at least one of these cultural challenges.

1. Language Barrier: Speaking Spanish

dating in Colombia

It’s going to be difficult to avoid miscommunications when since many Colombians are not proficient in the English language. In fact, only 63% of Colombians speak basic English and only 4% claim to be fluent in it.

To increase your chances of success in the Colombian dating scene, it’s recommended to enroll yourself in a Spanish language class. Knowing the basic conversational lines is enough.

Learning Spanish may be an arduous task but on the bright side, you get to expand your options. You won’t have to limit yourself to only Latinas who speak English.

2. Dealing With Jealousy and Their Loca Personalities

Infidelity is an ongoing epidemic in Colombia.

According to statistics, approximately 66% of men in this country admit to having cheated on their partners at least once. This fact alone can justify the suspicious nature of Colombian women. It leads them to become possessive and jealous lovers.

Don’t be surprised if she shows her loca side by asking you to hand her your phone for a check-up. It’s her way of making sure you’re truly faithful to her.

A good suggestion to deal with a crazy jealous Latina is by establishing good communication as well as constantly reassuring her of your relationship’s security. Avoid situations that may cause distrust between you. Exert ample effort to make her feel like she’s the only girl that occupies your heart.

A couple dancing on the street
Don’t be surprised to find yourself dancing when dating in Colombia. Moving to the beat is a lifestyle on this side of the world.

3. Getting Used To Public Displays of Affection

For Colombian women, affection is the life and blood of a strong relationship. They regard PDAs as necessary and indispensable.

If you don’t want her to pout or flip out in public, grab her hand and intertwine them with yours. Steal some cheeky kisses and be open to public cuddling. Doing these gestures is non-negotiable. It’s a definite must-do.

Colombians value romance. They are arguably one of the most romantic people in this world. They enjoy celebrating love as well as being in love. So it’s not a surprise PDAs are significant to them.

4. Developing a Taste for Colombian Food

Colombian cuisine and delicacies are unique in their own way. If you’re someone who hasn’t tried it before, then today is a great day to venture into new tastes.

If you’re fixed on dating a Colombian lady, it’s only right to be open-minded about trying her local food. Don’t shut yourself out from new experiences or it will be difficult to date someone from a different culture.

At some point, the Colombian girl you’re dating will take you to a place where they only serve Colombian food, so you might as well try it. You’ll never know, you might love it.

5. Colombian Dancing Culture

Not only is dancing a huge part of their culture but to most Colombians, it’s an art of living.

Take, for example, social salsa dancing where Colombians venture out to clubs not to get drunk and just party, but to dance salsa as a social hobby and interact with people through the dance floor.

To them, dancing for a person is a way through their hearts. If you want to attract a Colombian woman, enroll yourself in a dancing class and learn how to dance salsa.

Bust your best moves, show your passion, and let loose on the dance floor. It’ll surely get the attention of a Latina.

6. Unique Family Ties and Values

Colombians have a unique family dynamic.

In Colombia, it’s normal to be part of a huge family. Colombian households are often described as huge because they consist of multigenerational relatives. You’ll find out that the extended family is every bit as important as the immediate family.

One of the upsides to this is that each family member looks out for one another. If you or your Latina are experiencing trouble, rest assured that you’ll have tons of shoulders to lean on.

A rosary hanging inside a car
One of the striking cultural differences between Western countries and Colombia is the prominence of Christianity.

7. Christianity and Its Traditions

Christianity is the dominating religion in Colombia. Approximately 70% of the Colombian population are Catholics; the majority of which practice its traditions. Some would even say that it dictates their way of life.

Most Catholic women in Colombia prefer to date men who belong to the same religion as them. Hence, if you’re not a Christian Catholic, it might be difficult to pursue some of these women.

However, some Colombian girls don’t mind if the guy they date doesn’t share their views on faith. What matters to them is mutual respect.

8. Taking the Lead

Colombia dating involves doing chivalrous acts. It’s fine offering to pull up her seat before she sits down or pay for the dinner bill once the meal is over. Most Colombian women expect their partners to take the masculine role in the relationship.

They wouldn’t have it any other way. Acting confident and taking the initiative in many aspects of the relationship will grant you more success than failure.

Just don’t be overly aggressive since it can be mistaken for machismo behavior. Remember that chivalry is all about helping and respecting women whereas machismo behavior is more of being chauvinistic, hypermasculine, and aggressive.

9. No Sense of Time

The majority of Latinos are notoriously unpunctual. If they agree to meet with you at 7, they might come at 8. They rarely stick to the schedule. So be prepared to wait for them before going out on your date.

Thankfully, there are workarounds and possible solutions that help you overcome your partner’s habitual tardiness.

You can directly talk it out with your Colombian girlfriend. If you express how her constant tardiness affects you, she might consider making a positive change going forward. She can set alarms or prepare her things before going to bed.

But if tardiness is a deal breaker for you, then you better seek other options.

10. Attractive Appearance

Many Colombian women pride themselves on having an attractive appearance. Their white teeth, fit bodies, and the way they dress - they want to look their best in any situation.

So when you’re out on dates or even if it’s just a quick grocery run, you can expect her to always be well-dressed.

Some foreign men consider these challenges when dating Colombian women. However, these few cultural obstacles pale in comparison to the happiness she can bring to your life.

To put it another way, differences in culture should not prevent you from marrying someone in Colombia. Instead, push through the challenges and embrace the diversity in your relationship.

Importance of Cultural Awareness

In today’s time where online dating is becoming the norm, people are finding their soulmates on an international scale. Because of this, intercultural relationships are becoming more common each year.

Sadly, most of these couples’ relationships don’t last because of differences and a lack of cultural understanding. As statistics provide, interracial marriages have a 41% chance of divorce than those of monocultural marriages.

So how do you make intercultural marriages last? It all boils down to respect, understanding, and awareness. Since complications in intercultural relationships often sprung due to differences in culture, it’s only logical to address it by educating oneself.

Take, for example, foreigners dating Colombian women.

If you’re a foreigner and want a successful relationship with a Colombian woman, one of the most important things you can do is research about her culture or at least be aware of the cultural differences. Knowledge of these differences helps us better understand them and their behaviors.

By making the extra effort to do your homework on another country, its people, language, customs, and traditions, you can prevent (or at least minimize) future miscommunications and avoid culture clashes.

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