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Christmas Customs of Colombian Women

An image of a Christmas tree with wrapped gifts under and a mistletoe above the table.
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Do you celebrate Christmas? If yes, then how and are there any Christmas traditions that you look forward to each year? Before you know it, Christmas is almost here and you are thinking about spending it with Colombian women.

But your question might be, how?

Christmas is a holiday that is widely celebrated by most nations all over the globe. Different traditions, activities, and feasts are associated with this holiday. When it is the Christmas season, people slowly start preparing for the day of Christmas itself and engage themselves in the festivities.

But how do women in Colombia celebrate? Are there certain things they do traditionally? So before you visit Colombia to be with her, first learn some of the customs for the Colombian holidays by taking note of the following below:

Day of the Little Candles (Día de las velitas)

The Day of the Little Candles is celebrated every 7th day of December. From the name itself, it is the day when Colombians light candles -- at least about a thousand of them, and place them anywhere they can be seen.

If you roam around the streets, you can see candles along home balconies and window sills, front porches, through the sidewalks, parks, and even in malls. Candles represent the wishes that Colombian people ask for their loved ones.

This day marks the unofficial start of the holiday season in the country, and the candles are to honor Virgin Mary and her Immaculate Conception. To make this even more special, make a wish for you and your Colombian woman.

Novena of Aguinaldo

Colombia is known for being a religious country, which explains the importance of celebrating Christmas to them. Colombian women are also religious in nature, given that they grew up in such an environment.

The novena, which is also known as novena to baby Jesus, begins from the 16th day of December and lasts for nine days until Christmas eve. It is composed of the Prayer for every day, Prayer to the Blessed Virgin, Prayer to St. Joseph, Daily Considerations, Joys, Prayer to the Baby Jesus, Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

If you have been wanting to strengthen your relationship with Colombian women, you can at least give a little bit of your time to pray and worship with her.

El Pesebres

El Pesebres, or most commonly known as the Nativity Scene, is an artistic representation of Jesus on his day of birth. The Colombian nativity set can be seen with sculptures of Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, shepherds, and barn animals in it.

Some of these may be small and are found on tops of tables in homes and in other places indoors, but they also come in life-size and can be usually seen at malls, parks, and other areas of public use.

This particular Christmas symbol is widely known to many and it is only associated with such an soccasion because of its religious origin. If you get to think about it, you can showcase your artistic side if you get the chance to make one with some Colombian women! Doesn’t that sound perfect?

A nativity scene displayed during Christmas in Colombia.
The traditional nativity scene is a must for Christmas in Colombia. Otherwise, the holidays won’t feel the same.

Cena de Navidad

Cena de navidad is the main Christmas dinner and feast shared by Colombian women with their families on the night before Christmas. It is usually grand, special, and can be extravagant in some way because Colombians like it to be remarkable as well.

This is also the time when the Colombian Christmas brings about almost all of the family members together, even though they may be far apart from each other during the whole year.

Family stories, jokes, games, and all other sorts of fun activities make the night even more jolly and festive. It is also the time when Colombian people give gifts to their loved ones. Just the thought of celebrating Christmas with Colombian women sure did make your heart glad, right?

The Colombian Christmas food consists of:

If this has made your stomach growl, then don’t think twice and make this an opportunity to spend your next Christmas with Colombian women!

Feast of the Holy Innocents (Dia de Los Inocentes)

This occasion is commemorated every December 28th and is inspired from the bible story of the king named Herodes. This is the day of the year that aims to honor all the innocent newborns who were victimized through a massacre in Bethlehem after the king attempted to kill the infant Jesus.

But these days, things have changed in Colombia and they view it differently compared to before. Instead, people in Colombia play pranks on this day and they make jokes with their family and friends around.

Interestingly, this is known to be the Colombian version of April Fools’s Day. Surely, sharing some good laughs with Colombian women will totally be fun.

Deck the Halls!

Christmas only comes one time in a year, and having it celebrated during the 12th and final last month of the year is something that builds more anticipation and gives more excitement to the people and explains why a lot do look forward to it each year.

Gifts, parties, celebrations, and reunions all together take place as part of the Christmas celebrations. It is the perfect time of the year when almost all people are happy and are with their families and loved ones.

Simply keep in mind that people celebrate occasions depending on what beliefs they have. Regardless of the religious orientation each may have, respect will be the key for everything. Accepting another culture wholeheartedly may not be easy at first, but you will find it just fine in the long run.

Celebrating Christmas in Colombia gives you a whole new experience from the ones you have already had for years. So much fun awaits you if you celebrate the holidays with Colombian women!

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