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Colombian Girls LIVE REACTION on 1ST DATES w/ Foreigners


While Colombian women remain highly-coveted lovers by a legion of men around the world drawn to their striking natural beauty and intense passion, has dating Latinas in Barranquilla become more exhausting than rewarding?

Marcelo, an American bachelor, discusses his experience dating Colombian women in Barranquilla during one of his actual dates. Joined by his Colombian date, Rossell, the couple navigates their journey of dating beyond borders with our resident Colombian matchmaker, Manuela.

Marcelo’s search for the perfect match brought him to Barranquilla via solo travel with the help of a Colombian matchmaking agency. Working with a matchmaker like Manuela allowed him to meet 100+ Colombian women and provided the opportunity to ace live speed dating via first dates with Latinas who shared his desires to do so. While the bachelor did admit that the whole process of dating Barranquilla women was ‘exhausting’, it was also ‘a lot of fun’ and ‘worth it’.

Rossell, on the other hand, gets a novel perspective on Barranquilla dating having never dated a foreign man. The bachelorette who Marcelo invited among out of countless Colombian women to explore the carnival capital explained how mutual connection triumphed over the language barrier. Besides their willingness to learn each other’s languages, their success story is in part due to the premium assistance included in Colombian matchmaking services they both are using. Wherever this connection takes them, Marcelo and Rossell will forever remember their memories together fondly. Dating in Barranquilla often becomes an experience that truly brings out the better bachelor in would-be passport bros.

As we expect no decline in the number of foreigners dating Colombian women in Barranquilla, dating tours aimed at passport bros who wish to solo travel to Colombia in hopes to guaranty a match with a Latina will only grow more in popularity. The tribe of men that Marcelo belonged to, had already gotten a taste of the life of a bachelor in paradise savoring the Colombia nightlife, food, and culture.

Now’s your turn to meet your Latina wife. Feel the warmth of Colombian women and the heat of a bustling metropolis as we take our singles tour to Medellin Colombia this September. Ready for Colombian girls to tire you out for good?

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