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Why MORE Colombian Women Dating OLDER Men

If you are walking on the streets of Barranquilla Colombia, you will never be surprised by the number of Colombian women who are dating older men. To you, it can be bizarre, however, you will notice that in their country, it seems to be the norm. Colombian society is comfortable with couples who have a large age gap between them. This is one of the cultural differences you will experience if you decide to start your journey dating in Colombia.

The notion that younger Colombian girls are dating someone older for money seems to be an old joke now. You should know by now that it’s not always the money they are after. Foreign men from different walks of life try to create the connection of their dreams by finding love in Colombia. Countless men have been successful in dating Latinas and for sure, there have been those men who don’t have a lot of money but also found their brides in Barranquilla.

People should come to their senses that Colombian ladies know how to make their own bread and butter. Latina women are educated and professional. They work hard and they persevere. They achieve their own goals by themselves, so it’s not necessary for Latin women to be with a man they don’t love just for money.

However, it is a lifelong dream for Colombian women to guaranty a match, not for money, but to build their own family. A family is considered to be the most important treasure in Latin American culture. This is the main reason why dating in Colombia seems to favor older foreign men. Latinas dream of having kids and look for a partner who is mature enough to lead their future family.

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